Court Reporter Morris County NJShould your court case present the need to find a court reporter Morris County NJ has to offer, it can help you to know the details about what court reporters do. While the facts of court reporting are not common knowledge, asking a Morris County court reporter any questions you may have can give you a clearer idea about the profession and process. Once you’ve come to understand what you’re looking for in a court reporter, consider speaking with us at Veritext Legal Solutions, a respected court reporting company who specializes in both litigations and depositions.

What Court Reporters Do

Court reporters are individuals who document hearings, depositions, litigations, and other proceedings in a courtroom. Using either audio reporting or stenotype machines, a skilled court reporter Morris County NJ prefers will be highly attuned to what is going on during the proceeding. When using a stenotype machine, the reporter is able to type multiple letters with each stroke, making it so the transcript is more accurately and efficiently rendered.

Stenographers only use recordings to back up what they have transcribed in real time. It is a requirement per the National Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA) that stenographers be able to type with at minimum 95% accuracy. In contrast, a court reporter in Morris County NJ who uses audio recordings will play back and transcribe the proceedings after they have occurred.

In either case, the court reporter is considered an independent record-keeper, and thereby an impartial party to a hearing. Finding a court reporter Morris County NJ clients can trust often means looking for a professional with the proper certification, and at the very least with a great deal of experience.

Skills Court Reporters Need

Not only will he or she need to have credentials or experience that prove high speed and accuracy in transcription – the right court reporter should have excellent organization, time management, and communication abilities. The court reporter you choose should also take seriously the duty he or she has to the legal system’s credibility. Accuracy should be of utmost importance.

Sometimes, you may need a court reporter to have skills in more advanced technology. More often in recent years, court reporters have been using realtime translation, through which the rough draft of the report is transcribed onto a computer screen while a proceeding is still ongoing. There is a wide range of settings in which this skill can be invaluable, including depositions, meetings of boards of directors, and anyplace live captioning is needed. Talking to an experienced court reporter Morris County NJ clients and companies trust can give you a better idea as to how his or her skills can apply to your needs.

How a Court Reporter Can Serve You

Court reporters understand that the details of your hearing play a major role in its outcome, and can serve you by helping you make sense of them. Veritext Legal Solutions is a national leader in deposition and legal support services, and can provide you with the professional court reporting services you need. To start working with a skilled court reporter Morris County NJ has to offer, contact us today at 800-227-8440.