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New Jersey Videoconferencing | NJ Videoconferencing ServicesTwo of the most popular and useful services we provide to our clients both here in New Jersey and nationwide are our videoconferencing capabilities and our vast offering of conference rooms. Connecting with clients, opposing counsel, and witnesses who are across the country need not require expensive and time- consuming travel.  For example, do you wish to prep a witness in Los Angeles but have scheduling conflicts—personal or professional—that prevent you from leaving New Jersey? Our state of the art videoconferencing allows you to speak with whomever you desire, whenever you desire, wherever you, or he/she is located. Imagine the time and expense you can save! Combine our reliable New Jersey videoconferencing with our advanced yet easy-to-use case management services and your 24/7 personal online portal and Veritext can literally save you hours –hours that are better spent working on your cases or spending time with friends and family. Bottom line: with Veritext, the technology you need to prepare your case in terms of evidence an testimony is right at your fingertips. You may never have to leave your office. Simply tell us where you need to be and we arrange the rest—no matter where, no matter when. And we use the latest technology in our NJ videoconferencing services for true reliability. Our ISDN and IP calling capabilities provide clear audio transmission, full or split screen views depending upon your wishes, and the  streaming of audio and video, as well as the recording and playback videos. Utilizing these services is as close as you can get to a face-to-face meeting yet there are none of the hassles and wasted time associated with travel.

Should you desire to travel and it is in location where you do not have access to a suitable conference room, allow us to handle that for you.  Our national court reporting company will provide you with a modern, private, professional conference room to hold your deposition or meeting. Allowing Veritext to arrange and secure this means that neither you nor your support staff need to spend hours researching, identifying and reserving such a space.

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