New Jersey Virtual Deposition Services


Cost-Effective Remote Depositions: NO DOWNLOADS – EASY TO USE

New Jersey Virtual Deposition Services | NJ Virtual DepositionVeritext Virtual lets everyone involved in the deposition participate remotely simply by using their webcam-equipped computers or mobile devices with an Internet connection. Veritext Virtual lets you see and hear the deponent and all the other participants live without actually being in the room. No more wasted travel time and expenses. It’s the most cost-effective way to participate in a deposition.

  • Cost-Effective Remote Depositions

    Veritext Virtual includes up to 100 remote participants in a deposition simply using their webcam-equipped computers or mobile devices and an Internet connection. There’s no software to install or setup required. Participants just login to join the session.

  • Exhibit Display for Annotation

    Participants can share and stamp exhibits, upload documents on the fly as well as make annotations live online. Delegate presentation control to other participants with ease.

  • Realtime Video Streaming

    This secure system lets you see the deponent, questioners and other participants – just as if everyone were in the same room. Veritext Virtual lets you observe witness demeanor and the body language of participants.

  • Access to Recorded Sessions

    When a videographer is present, Veritext can provide you with a unique login and password to access recorded video and audio online.

  • Text Streaming, Annotation & Chat

    The text of the deposition can be displayed on screen. You can stop the stream of text on demand, scroll through the transcript, annotate and create case specific issue codes, and save it. No additional software is needed. Simultaneously, Veritext Virtual’s chat function allows you to interact with all participants or engage one-on-one with any other participant.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    With Veritext Virtual, depositions can be scheduled at your convenience, and you can participate from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Veritext provides 24/7 technical support to make sure your deposition goes smoothly.

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