Why Do We Need Court Reporters?

New Jersey Court Reporters

Ah, court reporting. A dying profession. With technology and voice recognition software, there’s no need for a live reporter anymore, true? Sounds reasonable. But, in reality, this belief could not be more false.

New Jersey Court Reporters | Court Reporting Company New JerseyLitigation is expensive—emotionally and financially. There is a lot at stake for all parties—both for the party initiating the suit and the party defending the suit. While voice recognition is often described as fun and modern it is more often described as frustrating when you are truly trying to rely on it. Sure, who hasn’t queried their smartphone and chuckled at some of the responses or admittedly marveled at the intelligence of that computer generated voice? On the flip side, who hasn’t become annoyed when our queries and directives are completely misunderstood: “Call Susan” is interpreted by our voice recognizing smartphone as “Who’s bruising?” Imagine such incorrect interpretation occurring with testimony in a case—even one you are not involved in but will affect your life. Consider a product liability lawsuit or a matter where a death has resulted. Do we really want imperfect voice recognition software recording testimony in those situations?

Also, the voice technology that currently exists cannot detect nuances in human speech and is often, as noted above, erroneous. Errors like these do not occur when there is an experienced, trained NY court reporter recording the testimony. In a city like NY, with its varied live, human NYC court reporters are indispensable to the smooth and fair pursuit of justice. Maintaining an accurate written record is critical to this. Judges, lawyers and others connected to the litigation require accurate, detailed written records. Such records can only be produced and delivered by experienced NY court reporters. This is true whether the testimony stems from a hearing occurring in court or a deposition taking place in conference rooms where our skilled NY court reporters are working.

Technology is important; and we at Veritext Legal Solutions embrace it with open arms but when the stakes are high and involve issues that affect human rights and responsibilities and not directions to the nearest gas station, or something of that level, hire an experienced NYC Court Reporter to take down the testimony. It will be timely, professional and reliable. Contact Veritext Legal Solutions to schedule your NY court reporter for accurate, affordable transcription-by a human not a machine.