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Who Can Be Deposed After a Car Accident?

Depositions are very common when car accident claims are filed. Most claims are handled through the negotiation process when fault is not an issue and the insurance company knows they will be required to pay some level of benefits. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes the respondent insurance company will want the case […]

5 Important Things To Consider Before Taking a Deposition

In most civil cases, depositions play an important role. For many people, the thought of taking a deposition can cause stress and anxiety. Luckily, there are simple tips and strategies that you can use to make the deposition process go smoothly. While preparing for the deposition, try to be relaxed. If you can avoid thinking […]

Deposition Rules Do Apply

As a skilled personal injury lawyer Little Rock AR trusts , we should always recall that the deposition play a key role in building your case for trial.  This is not merely a fact-finding tool.  By the time a deposition is to be taken, you should be able to ascertain the defense’s position on most issues through […]

The power of a videotaped deposition cannot be overstated

One of the most underused strategies in the personal injury practice is the videotaped deposition.  As you know, gestures, tone, and idiosyncrasies do not translate on a written deposition transcript.  These are many times far more powerful than spoken words, and it’s time you begin videotaping your deposition. Your Notice of Deposition Before you send […]

3 Reasons to Video a Deposition

Legal professionals and our clients alike can greatly benefit from the use of video depositions. The increasing capabilities of video technology has made its use in legal proceedings very common in recent years. There are many reasons for this. Below are some of the biggest reasons why we use video depositions whenever possible. How Can […]

Are Court Reporters Certified?

Court Reporting Agency New Jersey Court Reporters and Certification Often, one way to determine if a service provider is qualified is through required certification. This is partially true with court reporters in that not all states require reporters to obtain certification. And, to make matters more complex, there are various levels and types of certifications […]

Why Do We Need Court Reporters?

New Jersey Court Reporters Ah, court reporting. A dying profession. With technology and voice recognition software, there’s no need for a live reporter anymore, true? Sounds reasonable. But, in reality, this belief could not be more false.